1-1 February 2023
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Optimizing Plant Performance & Next-gen Technologies
June 22
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As the generation mix changes, conventional power plant owners and operators must compete by managing their assets wisely and optimizing operations and maintenance with the latest processes and solutions. We’ll also explore applications of digital technologies, including machine-to-machine learning,
artificial intelligence, and augmented reality that have transformed plant operations.
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Hydrogen: The Star of the Future
September 8
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Hydrogen as a fuel for electricity generation or a way to store energy is no longer the “fuel of the future” but now integral in a decarbonized future. Its use in turbines alongside natural gas is well known. But challenges remain for storing hydrogen, as well as developing technology that can readily shift to 100% hydrogen combustion. This series will examine some of those challenges and the latest solutions.
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Mission Critical Microgrids and Resiliency
December 8
Traditional grids are becoming strained in trying to keep up with increasing energy demands. This presents a problem for organizations like data centers and hospitals that rely on 24/7 access to uninterrupted power. Grid-connected microgrid technologies can detect impending disruptions in the power grid and use energy from more stable sources. But how do system designers balance reliability with the economics? Among the highlights of this series: comparing design decisions and trade-offs when implementing batteries and microgrids into an overall system design.
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